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Create The Look

We have taken a selection of Moroccan living spaces that we hope will inspire you and assist you to create a Moroccan look in your home.

Create the look: a seaside retreat

A seaside retreat

The cooling breeze of the Atlantic ocean, taming the searing heat of a Moroccan summer, white-washed walls punctuated by vivid blue windows, expanses of golden sands and a crystal ocean: recreate your own chilled-out Moroccan seaside retreat with help from Maroque.

Create the look: classical Moroccan

Classical Moroccan

The highest level of Moroccan craftsmanship is displayed to perfection in large classical Moroccan houses, found in cities like Fez.  Find out how to achieve the classical Moroccan look in your own home.

Create the look: patios and gardens

Patios and gardens

Courtyard gardens, or riyads, are such an integral part of a traditional Moroccan home; we have some lovely examples to help you create your own Moroccan riyad, the only thing we can't assist with is the weather.

Create the look: lounges and living rooms

Lounges and living rooms

There is so much diversity within Moroccan décor, with many beautiful themes, colours and designs to inspire.  We have tried to pick a few themes, colours and designs for your Moroccan lounge or living room.

Create the look: bedrooms


We have a selection of traditional, modern or romantic Moroccan bedrooms to inspire.  Whatever theme you have in mind, see our selection and suggestions on how to create the look.

Create the look: bathrooms


Frequently a neglected room, left until last on the decorating front.  We have some ideas to transform your bathroom to an exotic Moroccan heaven, regardless of its size.

Create the look: other bits and bobs

Other bits and bobs

A selection of other ideas and images to inspire you and assist in creating the Moroccan look in your home.  There are also examples of Moroccan lanterns in use.

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