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About Us

Hello And Welcome to the About Us page

My name is Julie Woodard and Maroque is my baby. 

Established in 2001, following an amazing trip around Morocco.  I was completely in awe (and still am) of the stunning lanterns, furniture and soft furnishings available that were not really seen in the UK, especially not in Suffolk.  The hospitable and friendly people I encountered inspired me to try to bring a little bit of this beautiful country home for everyone to enjoy.  And so Maroque was born!

We are a small company with a big heart, and we work hard to build a business that takes the best parts of online buying and combines them with the human aspect of face to face shopping.

(Poppy assisting in photo shoots for Christmas punch)

The original intention was to bring interesting, attractive Moroccan home and giftwares to the UK market, and we hope we still do, but we have also diversified into all things Moroccan: including hard to find ingredients and a comprehensive recipe section which we have put together in our free Yellow and Orange cook books for you to download.

I love the idea that customers can feel they have a sense of community with Maroque, that we are real people, and as such we try to engage as much as we can, whether that’s Facebook, feedback is brilliant, either on products, recipes they have tried, oh and pictures are great, please send them in, or post on Facebook!

(the Bury Food Fair on beautiful August weekend)

I’m often asked where the name Maroque came from, it was inspired by the French name for Morocco, Maroc, but having a twist to the baroque. The domain name Maroc was taken even back in 2001.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, if you have any queries, please do contact me at or feel free to call me on 01284 625265.

Kind regards