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Sesame-coated majoun balls (a Maroque recipe)

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ready in 1 hour and 30 mins


Minus their most famous ingredient


250g (9oz) blanched almonds
125g (4oz) walnuts
250g (9oz) raisins
125g (4oz) clear honey
65g (2oz) butter
5ml (1 tsp) Ras el Hanout
5ml (1 tsp) ground ginger
60-75g (4-5oz) sesame seeds


1. Finely chop the almonds, walnuts and raisins in a food processor or blender until they form a coarse, slightly sticky mixture.

2. Melt the butter in a large heavy pan and stir in the honey, Ras el Hanout and ginger.

3. Add the nuts and raisins and stir over a gentle heat for a few seconds until the mixture is thoroughly combined, firm and sticky.

4. Cool a little, then shape into about 30 balls.

5. Roll the balls in sesame seeds to coat completely.

6. Serve as an after dinner sweet with strong coffee.

Makes about 30 balls

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