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Moroccan design reflects qualities of pure form and beautiful free hand.  Mathematically precise geometry is gracefully combined with traditional calligraphy to stunning effect.

Patterns: Moroccan Arch Patterns: Moroccan Frieze Patterns: Green Moroccan Bowl  


Geometric principles govern Moroccan design, producing infinitely expandable patterns.  The intricate web of detail is woven from circles, using repetition, symmetry and changes of scale to bewildering effect.  The resulting labyrinth is strongly reminiscent of the souks and bazaars.

Zillij is the ancient tradition which applies these techniques using hand-cut ceramic tiles and dates back over 1000 years.

Patterns: Moroccan Zillij (Tiling) Patterns: Moroccan Iron Window Patterns: Illuminated Moroccan Lantern  


The written word is an integral part of Moroccan design, combining beautiful patterns with traditional moral significance.  Often found in intricately carved doors and freizes.

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