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Create a seductive, bewitching environment through control of colour and light:

Rich and Vibrant

Rich and Vibrant: Moroccan Table Rich and Vibrant: Moroccan Arch Rich and Vibrant: Moroccan Tiling (Zillij)  

Shades that reflect light in your room can evoke a sense of the exotic in your home.  Try introducing royal blues, vibrant purples, emerald greens, brilliant saffron, and bold crimsons to generate a seductive oriental atmosphere.

Cool Blues

Cool Blues: Moroccan Door Cool Blues: Moroccan Plate Cool Blues: Moroccan Garden  

Morocco is a land of contrast, bring the cool of the Mediteranean costline into your home by adding clear blues, aquamarine, turquoise and white.  The use of blue, especially on doors and shutters, is believed to date back to Egyptian times, and was thought to ward off evil spirits.

Earthy Tones

Earthy Tones: Moroccan Tannery Earthy Tones: Moroccan Street Earthy Tones: Moroccan Table Lamp  

Combining warm natural colours can evoke feelings of comfort in your home.  Careful selection of tones from terracottas, reds, cinnamons, amber, saffron and aubergine can contribute to a room's warmth and ambience.


Neutrals: Moroccan Interior Neutrals: Moroccan Henna Lamp Neutrals: Moroccan Exterior  

Create a calming, peaceful retreat from the cares of the world using creams, white, taupe and sand colours.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters: Moroccan Brass Lamp All That Glitters: Moroccan Mirror All That Glitters: Moroccan Gilt Arches  

Conjure an atmosphere of 1001 nights by including bright, metallic colours in your design theme.  Bring a sense of opulence to the room using brass lanterns, gold and silver fabrics and bronze soft furnishings.

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