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Wiring a Moroccan lantern

As with anything electrical, if you are unsure what you are doing contact a qualified electrician

You will need to use either a ceiling hook, or a ceiling light fitting with an integrated hook, as your lantern will need to be supported by more than the flex.

We recommend a light fitting made by Maestro - these can be bought from us along with your lamp here, or from B&Q for other major DIY stores.

Maestro light fitting

The Maestro light fitting comes complete with an integral hook but also has the added advantage of coming apart, picture so you can wire the lantern at ground level and then slot the lantern into the housing on the ceiling. This will save the frustration and discomfort of trying to wire a heavy lantern with your arms above your head.

Moroccan lanterns come in two styles;

Open topped lanterns
These can be more easily wired, as the flex with the light bulb is simply lowered into the neck of the lantern. These types of lanterns usually come with chains that can be looped over the ceiling hook.

Open top Moroccan lantern

Closed topped lanterns
As the title suggests these lanterns only have a small opening at the top of the lantern and have a door in them for changing the bulb. Therefore the electrical flex of the light fitting needs to be threaded through the narrow opening at the top from the inside, before the flex is wired to the ceiling rose. This is where a Maestro ceiling rose comes into its own.

Closed top Moroccan lantern

Often these lanterns are supplied with a small metal hoop to suspend them from, however you can suspend them further from the ceiling using a metal chain. Various metal chains can be purchased from B&Q or other DIY stores, in an antique or lacquered brass finish.

Do not under any circumstances wire a lantern unless you are happy with what you are doing. Electricity is very dangerous. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

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