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We have pulled together some useful ideas that will you help create a Moroccan theme in any room of your house, or even your garden.

Moroccan ideas: wiring a lantern

Wiring a Moroccan lantern

While our Moroccan lanterns look stunning displayed in a bright window, they come into their own when illuminated in a darkened room. The true intricacies of the lace like ironwork display on the ceiling with a star-like quality.

All of our lamps and lanterns may be wired to take an electrical fitting. We have included a few pointers on how this may be done here.

Moroccan ideas: fixing a wall light

Fixing a wall light

Our wall lights come as shades only and need to be positioned over a suitable fixing. We have included a few pointers on how this may be done here.

Moroccan ideas: paint techniques

Paint techniques

To help you create an evocative Moroccan theme, capturing the mysterious sense of "a thousand and one nights" in your own living room, we have brought you some detailed instructions and helpful tips on sponging, ragging and stippling.

These paint techniques, using soft and warm tones, will give a wonderful glow to your walls.

Moroccan ideas: tagine use and care

Tagine use and care

The different types of tagine, how to season a Moroccan tagine for first use, and a recipe to get you started.

Go to our tagine use and care page.

Moroccan ideas: using a hookah

Using a hookah

To get you started using your hookah, we have included some instructions and further tips.

Click here to find out more.

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