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Romantic meal for two

Tea glasses and sequinned heart

Romantic meal for two

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The air is perfumed with the heady scent of orange blossom, the lanterns twinkling with a myriad of intricate patterns from the candles within.  Enticing food subtly spiced waiting to be served on opulent platters.  Why not create a romantic night with a difference?

Turn your home into a romantic haven and banish the miserable cold winter's night with a little Moroccan mysticism.  The subtle light and shadows created by Moroccan lanterns lit with a candle can take your breath away, the bejewelled coloured glass is a million miles from the dreary weather outside.


Mezze of zaalouk (lightly spiced Moroccan aubergines),
mechouia (char-grilled peppers and onions),
and a tomato and coriander salad


Ras el hanout lamb

Buttery middle-eastern rice

Crunchy green salad


Sliced oranges with cinammon


Mint tea to finish


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The recipes are listed below, please click on each to bring up a printable version.

Wine notes

I have listed below some of the wines I personally feel would match the food.  Having only two for dinner means you may want to find wines that will suit more than one course.

  • To start - Call me old fashioned but nothing is a romantic as good champagne, bone dry and not too heavy.  Chill the glasses first and serve to start the evening; it is also perfect with the mezze.
  • Main - A spicy Zinfandel would offset the rich aromatic lamb, or a warm soft Shiraz would also work well.

Hubby's note: Alternatively, a very dry riesling would complement the main course and the dessert, with the floral aroma matching both the ras el hanout and the orange flower water.  The dry, flinty edge would act as a sharp contrast to the rich lamb, and the tangy oranges.

Planning ahead

All of these recipes can either be prepared in advance, or are ready-made so the hard work is done for you!

The zaalouk and mechouia come in a jar and just need opening and warming gently.  Transfer them to small bowls and serve with some warmed bread.  The lamb can be prepared the day before and chilled until needed: just add the honey and reheat to finish.

Setting the scene

Candle light, warm and sensual colours, the twinkle of gold or silver.  Forget about the freezing night with the warming colours of Morocco, rich golds, sumptuous red, sensuous purple, turn the lights down low and light the fire.

The golds and reds of a silk throw draped over a cosy sofa for two.  A few small lanterns on the table twinkling with candle light and colour will set a romantic scene.

Turn your home into a perfumed riad courtyard with our room scenting oils of jasmine or orange blossom.

Getting in the mood

Make yourself feel like a Moroccan princess (or prince), banish the freezing winter nights by soaking in a bath scented with amber and musk this heady sensual mix is a sure way to turn your mind to romance.

Slip on a pair of babouches, these Moroccan slippers made from the softest leather are just the comfiest thing to have on your feet and, being sequined, there is something rather decadent about them.

But most of all smile and have fun.

Key ingredients

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