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Moroccan inspired vegetarian delights

Moroccan platter with fruit

Moroccan inspired vegetarian delights

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Celebrate the abundance of vegetables, grains and pulses available in Morocco with our vegetarian dinner party.  Flavoured with delicate seasonings of herbs and spices, this Moroccan feast will tantalize and delight both the seasoned vegetarians and carnivores alike.


Cumin scented cheese crumbles and a glass of fizz


Individual spinach and zahter quiches


Honey Carrot and new potato tagine served with green couscous


Orange flower scented fruit salad


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The recipes are listed below, please click on each to bring up a printable version.

Wine notes

Start your evening off in style with a glass of champagne, the cumin scented crumbles go particularly well with the dry biscuit notes of the champagne.

A light dry chardonnay not too oaky would work well with the starter.

The honeyed tagine really does call for a wine of substance.  Big and strong to balance the sweet spiced tagine, an aged rioja would work well as would a zinfandel or an Australian Cabernet.

And for dessert a Moroccan mint tea would be ideal.

Planning ahead

The crumbles can be made in the afternoon and left to cool.  The fruit salad can be made in the afternoon and left covered in the fridge.

Setting the scene

The dinner party is designed to delight in all things vegetable, bright colours of the earth in yellows green and reds would work well, bright flowers on the table and a general cheery table.

Key ingredients

The ingredients listed below are available from Maroque.

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