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Organic Argan Oil 250ml


Organic Culinary Argan oil 250ml

The argan tree is considered the Moroccan national tree, and is only found in the High Atlas Mountains of the south western Morocco, mostly within the Sous Valley. The tree and the area where it grows are protected by UNESCO.

Argan trees cling to the slopes of rough hills thriving between the rocks on poor soil. The iconic image of goats clambering up among their branches are a regular photo opportunity on the road of Agadir.

The production of Argan oil is still mostly done by traditional methods, and is a lengthy process.

Argan oil is believed to lower your cholesterol levels, stimulate circulation of the blood, facilitate digestion, and strengthen the body's natural defenses. It is reputed to be excellent for your skin and to have anti-aging properties, and is very high in vitamin E.

Try drizzling over char grilled vegetables, forking through couscous or adding in place of olive oil in a salad dressing.

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