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Authentic Moroccan Cooking Tagines+

Authentic Moroccan Cooking Tagines

Cook in an authentic tagine. It's hard to beat the flavour and authentic style of North African dishes made in traditional cooking tagines. Whether you're a creative foodie, a lover of North African cuisine, or throwing a dinner party and want to impress, our collection of traditional dishes are all suitable for cooking and all beautifully made by talented craftspeople across the region. For best results, and to protect the base of your new dish, a heat diffuser is recommended.
For first timers, we've created lots of helpful resources to teach you how to cook with a tagine – and we've shared some yummy recipes for you to try too! Take a look at our resources section to learn more about cooking in tagines and to rustle up something really tasty, whether that's a lamb and pomegranate recipe or a delicious honeyed carrot & new potato tagine. We're firm believers in fair trade and high quality products, that's why we insist upon paying our skilled artisans a fair rate for their beautiful work. This means you can expect gorgeous quality items, made by hand and delivered to your door in the UK.

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