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We have pulled together a small selection of inspirational books on Moroccan design, travel and cookery.  Most of these books have been reviewed personally.

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Maroque's Little Yellow Cook Book Maroque's Little Yellow Cook Book
Julie Woodard

Moroccan food has an amazing diversity and complexity of flavours, reflecting the many cultural influences on its cuisine.

As an enthusiastic cook (as well as diner), I am always looking for interesting recipes to try, and new ingredients to play with.  This is a personal collection of the recipes that I have found work for me.  I very much hope you enjoy them.

Download Maroque's free Little Yellow Cook Book.

Maroque's Little Orange Cook Book Maroque's Little Orange Cook Book
Julie Woodard

Following on from my Little Yellow Cook Book, I continue the series with another look at Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Some recipes are old Moroccan classics with a modern twist, while some are very English versions of traditionally Middle Eastern dishes.  With a whole new selection of recipes for you to try, and dinner party ideas to inspire you, I hope you will enjoy my little orange book.

Download Maroque's free Little Orange Cook Book.

Maroque's Little Pink Drinks Book Maroque's Little Pink Drinks Book
Julie Woodard

Oh I love a cocktail! They somehow lift your mood and put you in an instant party frame of mind.

With this thought I decided to gather all my drinks recipes together, into this cheery little volume, complete in Maroque's new shocking pink theme.

Download Maroque's free Little Pink Drinks Book.

A Touch of Maroque A Touch of Maroque
Julie Woodard

The iconic images of Morocco, with terracotta walls, warming shades of cinnamon and amber with intricate patterns of light, are only one facet of this country's fascinating interiors.

With the help of Maroque, the feel of many of these fabulous living spaces can be recreated in your home.

Download A Touch of Maroque.

Maroque's Ingredients and Spice Guide Maroque's Ingredients and Spice Guide
Julie Woodard

If, like me, part of the fun in trying new spices and ingredients is in knowing a little about them, hopefully this little guide will give an enjoyable light-touch insight into some of the items on my site.

Download Maroque's Ingredients and Spice Guide.

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Moroccan Gardens Moroccan Gardens
Charlotte Seeling

This magnificent illustrated book provides insights into the spellbinding variety of color in Oriental and Mediterranean gardens.  Charlotte Seeling transports the reader into a blossoming Morocco, where in addition to gardens like those out of Thousand and One Nights, she describes a prince’s pleasure garden and its olive-tree allee, planted more than 200 years ago.

Expressive and intoxicating images as well as detailed garden plans allow readers to immerse themselves in a different and fascinating world, and inspire them to daydream.

An informative appendix lists all the important facts for traveling, including addresses and opening times of the various hotel gardens and parks.

New Moroccan Style: The Art of Sensual Living New Moroccan Style: The Art of Sensual Living
Jean Cazals, Susan Sully

With its intoxicating mix of Berber, Arab, Spanish and French Art Deco styles, Morocco could well be called the birthplace of fusion - and it continues to absorb design influences from the West.  New Moroccan Style reveals four emerging trends in this design melting pot: delirium, fusion, minimalism and repose.  Each represents a different aesthetic, yet all are distinctly Moroccan.

The book takes readers on a tour through private homes, stylish resorts and intimate guesthouses.  Entertainment is as much a part of the Moroccan experience as the glorious rugs and intricate furnishings.

Complementing the various houses are recipes and tips for entertaining Moroccan-style, as well as a comprehensive source guide for travellers and shoppers.

Living in Morocco Living in Morocco
Sabine Bouvet, Philippe Saharoff

Different sights, seemingly worlds apart from each other, are all masterfully captured by the camera and brought together in this richly illustrated volume. Living in Morocco takes the reader beyond the imposing walls of medinas and citadels, through labyrinthine streets where traditional "souk" markets are held, and into the homes and hidden gardens of some of the country's most illustrious inhabitants.

In these private oases, one can take in the sweet scent of orange trees, sipping at a glass of the finest mint tea and indulging in gourmet delicacies.

Moroccan Interiors Moroccan Interiors
Lisa Lovatt-Smith

This book conveys completely the colours, shapes, textures and general feel of the moroccan interior. It covers interiors as diverse as a traditional Troglodyte home, an architect-restored riyad, and many other magnificent moroccan houses - some owned by Moroccan nationals, some by foreigners.

A wonderful book for anyone who is fascinated by Moroccan interior (and exterior) style, or those who want to gain an inspiration to recreate the look in their own home.

Morocco Modern (World Design) Morocco Modern (World Design)
Herbert Ypma

Looking at the architecture of Morocco and how this has been interpreted in modern designs - beautifully photographed.  Lose yourself in some of these stunning homes.
Moorish Style Moorish Style
Miles Danby

Presenting images of the architecture and decorative arts of the Islamic world, particularly Moorish Spain, this volume shows how it acted as an inspiration for designers and architects in the 19th- and 20th-centuries in Europe and America.

It explains the development and characteristic elements of Islamic art and architecture through the buildings of mosques, the medium of calligraphy and pattern and through the handling of materials as diverse as ceramic, wood and stone.


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TimeOut Marrakech & the best of Morocco TimeOut Marrakech & the best of Morocco

A feast for the senses, Marrakesh is full of exotic sights, sounds and smells. This guide shows you how to navigate your way through souks and food stalls, how to haggle like a pro and where to go after hours. With its strong French influences, yet its dominant North African identity, Morocco is rich in history and culture.

Culture Shock! Morocco Culture Shock! Morocco
Orin Hargraves

A guide to the customs and etiquette of Morocco.

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Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech  Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech
Greg Malouf, Lucy Malouf

120 original recipes combining traditions and tastes from North Africa, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, featuring fresh, contemporary flavours and ingredients.

The first chapter introduces readers to twenty different spice blends that are then used throughout the book to create sensational dishes from starters and soups to delicious desserts.

Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco
Paula Wolfert, Gael Greene (Introduction)

An introduction to Moroccan cuisine that discusses cooking techniques, and spices and herbs in addition to providing recipes for courses ranging from soups to desserts and beverages.

Cooking at the Kasbah Cooking at the Kasbah
Kitty Morse

Explains the rituals of the Moroccan table, describes the basic techniques of Moroccan cooking, and presents recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts

Traditional Moroccan Cooking: Recipes from Fez Traditional Moroccan Cooking: Recipes from Fez
Z. Guinaudeau, J.E. Harris (Translator)

This book is great, although I'm not sure how many of the recipes I'll be making as most of them are for 10 people or more.  It was written in the 50s and you get a real sense of the writer's love affair with Morocco.

The chapter on cooking a small sheep must be the only recipe in the world to include the instructions 'Get a pick axe and a spade'. (Amazon review)

Fat Girl Slim Fat Girl Slim
Ruth Watson

This diet book celebrates food for what it is rather than continuous calorie counting.  It chronicles Ruth Watson's experiences of dieting, shares her secrets and contains recipes as well as advice and suggestions for "foody" dieters living in the real world.  Her diet is based on calorie-counted recipes but is balanced and non-faddy, with all food groups allowed, indeed encouraged.

Tamarind & Saffron Tamarind & Saffron
Claudia Roden

Claudia Roden has subtitled the book Favourite Recipes from the Middle East, and it is no more and no less than this. Putting together a collection of recipes from the Middle East that are light, fresh, delicious and immensely evocative. The enticing aromas of North Africa rise from its pages, expressed in the differing spice-dialects of the national cuisines. The dishes range from the simplest of mezze to elaborate feast dishes but there is nothing that is remotely difficult.

The Momo Cookbook The Momo Cookbook
Mourad Mazouz

Among the many new restaurants of recent years, Momo is quite simply unique, Mourad Mazouz (otherwise known as Momo) has drawn upon his Algerian background and his extensive knowledge of North Aftican food and culture to create and extraordinary place - a little fragment of a North African souk dropped into central London. Now Mourad Mazouz has applied his talents and experience to producing an equally inventive and original cookbook.

The Moroccan Collection The Moroccan Collection
Hilaire Walden

Over 100 Moroccan recipes which capture the essence of this evocative cuisine - Recipes are characterised by slow-simmering tagines, charcoal grilled lamb, chicken, fish and vegetables, and rich, sweet pastries - Includes: Baked Stuffed Lamb, Chicken Tagine with Almonds and Saffron and Couscous with Roast Vegetables.

The recipes have been written for easy use at home and the ingredients chosen are now widely available from supermarkets

Street Cafe Morocco Street Cafe Morocco
Anissa Helou

Presenting 75 authentic recipes, the author explains the key cooking techniques and methods of Moroccan cooking in an approachable way. A melting pot of cultures, Moroccan cooking incorporates Arab, African, Mediterranean and Persian influences in food that is simple and fragrant.


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The Rough Guide to the Music of North Africa The Rough Guide to the Music of North Africa
Various Artists

This CD effectively captures the energy and excitement of North African music.  The Rai sounds of Cheb Kader get the CD off to a cracking start and the tempo keeps mounting.

The Rough Guide to Arabesque The Rough Guide to Arabesque
Various Artists

It's a compilation of tracks by European and American based Arabic origin artists with singing and rapping mostly in French.  The combination of authentic Arabic sounds and modern dance/hip hop/rap creates a truelly outstanding and uplifting journey, transporting the listener into an image of a hectic desert expedition.

Cairo to Casablanca Cairo to Casablanca
Various Artists

Amazon review - One of the best compilations I have in my collection.  I play it all the time.

Whether you are a fan of world music and want another great compilation, or you are a student of middle eastern music and dance and looking for ideas, you will enjoy this CD.  It is great "traveling" music, and helps make a long drive fun.

Arabic Groove Arabic Groove
Various Artists

Amazon review - I bought this album about a year ago and still love it.  It's a blend of traditional arabic sound and modern beat which makes it irresistable to gyrate to.

Some beautiful vocals and instrumentals but more than anything else just plain sensual.


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