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Riad Roundup – October: Reviving Storytelling & Moroccan Portraits

A Warm welcome back to Maroque's Riad Roundup, your go-to online place to discover the latest art, design and culture, direct from Morocco. Each month the Maroque team share their favourite blogs and posts all about the country and its art, all to give you a little extra Moroccan inspiration for your interiors.

This month, meet the student striving to rejuvenate Morocco's rich storytelling heritage, enjoy stunning portraits of Morrocans in traditional garb and open the doors of the brand new Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh.

Reviving Moroccan Storytelling with Mehdi El Ghaly

Once a widely practised and much loved tradition, in 21st Century Morocco, the art of storytelling is rapidly disappearing from the country's cultural landscape. Once a prestigious art form, handed down from master to apprentice through the generations, storytelling in the capital Marrakesh is now rare, but one student and a group of 3 like-minded word-weavers are striving to keep the practise alive.

In this wonderful blog from Citylab, journalist Lauren Razavi shares the tale of student storyteller Mehdi El Ghaly and his passion for his country's part-Berber, part-Arabic oral history tradition. A brilliant read and a great introduction to Moroccan storytelling.

Leila Alaoui's Striking Moroccan Portraits

Even for a French-Moroccan photographer like Leila Alaoui, convincing Moroccans to pose for portraits is no easy business. Yet this is what Alaoui has worked tirelessly to do, convincing Moroccans from all walks of life to sit before her lens and to create a series of incredibly striking images which speak volumes about the country's rich and diverse culture.

Shared by Daisy Carrington and Amanda Sealy for CNN Style, Alaoui's striking portraits can now be viewed online, featuring Moroccans in everything from full traditional dress, to everyday attire. Well worth a peek.

Moroccan Artist Revives Local Handcrafts

Lovers or travel and drop dead gorgeous Moroccan interior design need to start saving and booking their air travel. The Mandarin Oriental has now opened its doors at a new hotel in Marrakesh, and their brand new establishment is a haven rich in contemporary Moroccan art and design.


Set in a 20 hectare garden filled with over 100,000 roses , with views across the Atlas Mountains, the Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh is a truly show-stopping place, incorporating both Arabic and Berber influences into its stunningly curated interiors. Start planning your next holiday now! Thanks to Tatiana Rokou for sharing the news of the new opening via Travel Daily News.

Do you fancy a stay at the Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh? Which is your favourite portrait from Leila Alaoui's  series? Have your say below and browse  our our collection of Moroccan décor online.

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    I love Peter's work. He was the first designer I itnnreed for while in school and to this day, I still draw on his unique style and approach for inspiration. Thanks for the great post. -sharon

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