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Riad Roundup - June: Female Fantasias & Fantasy Cities

Welcome to Maroque's very first edition of the Riad Roundup.
Each month we'll be bringing you inspiring Moroccan style, interior design inspired by the Moroccan aesthetic, beautiful how to's and news all about design and culture from Marrakesh and beyond.
This month, travel to Morocco to witness a “female fantasia”, discover award-winning, Moroccan-inspired design in Nottingham and explore the worlds of Game of Thrones in the heart of Morocco.

Photographer Documents a “Female Fantasia”

The tradition of the fantasia is centuries old in Morocco. Riders, gaudily dressed, bearing ceremonial weapons, mounted on richly decorated horses – these components create a spectacle often recreated at big celebratory events in Morocco. Weddings are a particularly prime opportunity to put on a fantasia.

In photographs from her recent travels to the country as part of the Arab Documentary Photography Program, Zara Samiry captured a fantasia in action. Although this was a fantastia with a twist – the riders were women. Traditionally a male-only event, today Moroccan women are forming fantasia troupes and coming together to create a magical, cultural spectacle which straddles the line between carnival, storytelling and rodeo. View more of Zara's photographs here.

Discover Game of Thrones Locations in Morocco

If you're a fan of the fantastic HBO series Game of Thrones, you'll know that the stars of the show aren't always the actors or characters. Instead it's often the stunning backdrops and vistas which make up the Game of Thrones universe inspire our imaginations.


With wild and weather-beaten Northern scenes shot in Iceland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and Malta playing host to scenes shot in King's Landing, Morocco is the location for the exotic and dusty climes of imaginary cities like Pentos (Oarzazate), Astapor (Essaouira) and Yunkai (Ait-Ben-Haddou).

Created by travel company Lawrence of Morocco, this awesome map is perfect for uncovering Game of Thrones locations in Morocco, based in some of the country's most breath-taking locations.

Student's Moroccan Inspired Lamps Win Awards

Design student Samuel Bellamy has collected a plethora of awards for his Moroccan inspired ceiling lamps. Already the 2013 Boss  Design Student of the Year, in 2015 Bellamy's beautiful lamps have won  both the accessories category and the people's choice awards in the May Design Series' New Design Britain Awards.

Available in aluminium, copper and brass, individually or hung as a cluster, Samuel's beautiful lamps are glittering with Eastern fire and have a truly exotic edge. Not too shabby for something designed in Nottingham.

Do you love Samuel Bellamy's Moroccan inspired lamps, or do you prefer your home accessories more authentic? Have your say below. Or explore our stunning range of Moroccan décor online.

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    Wool is to-die-for. (Especially if it's the first thing your feet touch when you get out of bed). I also look for something that is easy to vuaucm dog hair. PS: Callie, soft silk wool sounds amazing. I need to find one.

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