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Riad Roundup – December: Moroccan Pop Art & Trendy Tiles

Welcome back to the Riad Roundup, our once monthly dose of Moroccan art, design, culture and style. At Maroque we work hard to bring the best of Moroccan décor to the UK, which means we like to keep abreast of local styles and trends. Each month we keep tabs on the creative pulse of Morocco through its bloggers, sharing the very best posts and articles with you.


This month, be inspired by Arab photography in Paris, discover the modern art of Morocco and find out why the vogue for Moroccan interiors has triggered a trend for tile in the US.

 Biennale of Arab World Photography on Show in Paris

Times may be difficult in Paris in the closing month of 2015, but Parisiennes are working to pick up the pieces and keep going. That means life doesn't stop. With art making up such a big part of life in The City of Light, it's no wonder that art doesn't stop either. Now showing at the Institut du Monde Arabe, the first ever Biennale of Arab World Photography is now proudly on display, showcasing works from great Arab photographers from across the region, from Iran to Morocco until 17th January. Many thanks to Aurélie Tisseyre of L'Oeil de la Photographie for sharing the story.


Meet Moroccan Pop Artist...Mouad Aboulhana

Pop art may not be the first style that springs to mind when you think of Morocco, but Mouad Aboulhana is a true pop artist with a culture which lends itself uniquely to this post-modern, eclectic style. Berber culture, Arabic culture, Islamic culture, a fresh wave of Western modernity – there are many rich influences currently at play within Morocco, making the country a rich source of inspiration for artists like Mouad. In this interview by Hassan Dennaoui for Arab News, you can find out much more about this young and talented artist, his influences and his goals.


Why Tiles are Turning Heads

If you're already a fan of Moroccan interior design, you'll know just how beautiful an array of highly decorative Moroccan tiles can look. From magical flooring, to beautiful bathroom surfaces, Moroccan tiles make for exquisite, exotic décor. Yet Stateside, tile has long been an underused material. In recent months however, in part inspired by a strong vogue for Moroccan interiors, our cousins in the US have been embracing tile, with gusto. From Japanese tiles to the Arabic inspired styles we know and love, the tile is well and truly on the rise, says Katherine Roth of


Do you love Moroccan tiles? Do you have any in your home? Do you favour modern Moroccan art or traditional styles? Have your say in the comments section below.

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