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From Marrakech to Maroque

I was very impressed with this lighting collection in the  Four Seasons in Marrakech, so decided to recreate the effect in my showroom revamp. 

What do you think? 

One thought on “From Marrakech to Maroque”

  • Wesmor

    Those colours sound guooegrs, and so exotic!Some dark wood, and especially decoratively carved wood, would look stunning in there, and add to the India/Morocco theme. Also, what about some wrought iron for candle holders, lights etc?A folding screen would give a really nice touch too, see if you can find one that is a dark wood, with an intricate wrought iron inlay . it would be guooegrs.Look out for coloured voile panels to hang at the window, and drape at the window reds, oranges, golds and even a magenta pink would be great. You could try buying sari material to drape at the window too the drape-ier' and fuller the better, I would say. Also, go for wall-hangings with the ethnic' feel, throws, cushion covers etc. And look out for lots of ethnic-style accessories in shops, wood-carvings, brass-figures etc. This look is not a minimal look so pile in all your favourite (ethnic-style) bits and pieces.Use lots of candles and fairy lights to get a really mellow' feel to your room.I think that it will be a really nice, relaxed feel to your room.Good luck with your decorating project, and hope you have lots of fun doing it.

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