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Ironwork from Marrakech

Well away from the tourist trails, and tucked against the back walls of the medina in Marrakech, are the artisans working with iron.

Marrakech: Finishing  Marrakech: Workshop  Marrakech: Chandelier 

These skilled craftsmen create screens, trellises, lanterns, wall lights hanging lanterns and all manner of items in iron.

They work in tiny open fronted areas with a lump of wood as a work bench.

Furnaces that belong in ancient times are actively used to create the lamps that transform our gardens.

Marrakech: Work in progress  Marrakech: Workbench  Marrakech: Furnace 

It’s hot, dusty and unlike anything I have seen before.  Families work together fathers training sons to create different items, some specialise in lamps others window grills.

Each item is made by hand, with no two items being identical.

Marrakech: Steelwork  Marrakech: Smithing  Marrakech: Lantern  Marrakech: Iron screen 

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