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Hard to Source Moroccan Food & Ingredients+

Hard to Source Moroccan Food & Ingredients

Zirishk, harissa, tahina, farikah, cardamon coffee, pomegranate syrup – our store is bursting with authentic Moroccan ingredients and food hand-picked by the Maroque team. Whether you can't get enough of Al Taj's finest tahina paste, or could gobble a whole bag of Zathar cashew nuts on your own, you'll find plenty of tasty treats from Marrakesh and beyond in our online store. Simply choose your favourites and we'll deliver exotic ingredients direct to your door in the UK.

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  1. Moroccan Preserved Lemons

    Moroccan Preserved Lemons, 220g. Learn More
  2. Culinary Argan oil 250ml

    Culinary Argan oil 250ml Learn More
  3. Culinary Argan oil 100ml

    Culinary Argan oil 100ml Learn More
  4. Harissa - Rose harissa

    Rose harissa paste, 90g. Learn More
  5. Cortas Orange blossom water

    Cortas Orange blossom water, 300ml Learn More
  6. Moroccan mint tea

    Moroccan mint tea, 50g. Learn More
  7. Rose syrup

    Rose syrup, 26cl Learn More
  8. Chermoula paste

    Chermoula Paste, 170g. Learn More
  9. Moroccan spice mix for Coffee

    Moroccan spice mix for Coffee, 42g. Learn More
  10. Sugared lemon peel

    Regular Price: £5.45

    Special Price £2.72

    Sugared lemon peel, 200g. Learn More

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Do you love the country's richly marinaded meats? Our dukkah rub is full of toasted nuts seeds and spices. Perhaps you like your cuisine a little hotter? Try the red chilli harissa, rich with garlic and North African spices. For those of you who love the flavour-packed vegetarian dishes of Morocco, we stock lots of yummy farikah, cous cous and peeled fava beans to keep you full up! Got a sweet tooth? Rose syrup is a beautiful ingredient, perfect for flavouring traditional desserts or simply pouring over ice cream! Don't forget to finish up your food with an authentic Moroccan spiced coffee. You can put all of these wonderful Moroccan ingredients together using Maroque's tasty “Little Pink Book” of recipes, or explore lots of yummy recipes for free on our website.

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