Moroccan food

Moroccan food is one of the most sensual in the world. It appeals directly and unashamedly to the senses of smell, sight and taste in a way that no other cuisine can match.

The souks are magical places, with smells and sights that make one feel hungry just thinking about them. Around every corner, waft different smells to surprise and delight.

The Moroccan-born writer Edmond Amran el Maleh described Moroccan cuisine as "the perfumed soul of our culture", a unique blend of African, Arabian and European influences. The result: a cuisine characterised by its subtle scents, delicate flavours and elegant presentation.

tagine mint saffron

Eating is serious business. Typically dining room walls are decorated with mosaics and richly woven carpets cover the floors. Hand carved low divans swamped by luxurious, elaborately-decorated cushions line the sides of the room and a heavy circular table is laid with ornate baroque silverware and copperware

Dishes are placed in the centre of the table often in earthenware dishes in which they are cooked and everyone tucks in.

Most meals begin with a simple selection of mezze, which might include a bowl of olives or a selection of cooked vegetable salads dressed with olive oil, sprinkled with cumin and served a dip and flat bread. The tagine or roast meat dish may come next, served with couscous and often a salad. A simple plate of prepared fresh fruit or dessert marks the end of the meal, before mint tea is served.




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Maroque's Little Yellow Cook Book

Maroque's Little Yellow Cook Book

Moroccan food has an amazing diversity and complexity of flavours, reflecting the many cultural influences on its cuisine.

As an enthusiastic cook (as well as diner), I am always looking for interesting recipes to try, and new ingredients to play with.  This is a personal collection of the recipes that I have found work for me.  I very much hope you enjoy them.

Download Maroque's free Little Yellow Cook Book.

Maroque's Little Orange Cook Book

Maroque's Little Orange Cook Book

Following on from my Little Yellow Cook Book, I continue the series with another look at Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Some recipes are old Moroccan classics with a modern twist, while some are very English versions of traditionally Middle Eastern dishes.  With a whole new selection of recipes for you to try, and dinner party ideas to inspire you, I hope you will enjoy my little orange book.

Download Maroque's free Little Orange Cook Book.

Maroque's Little Pink Drinks Book

Maroque's Little Pink Drinks Book

Oh I love a cocktail! They somehow lift your mood and put you in an instant party frame of mind.

With this thought I decided to gather all my drinks recipes together, into this cheery little volume, complete in Maroque's new shocking pink theme.

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Some Moroccan ingredients have a fascinating background.  Find out more about Moroccan ingredients, and how they are used in traditional and contemporary cooking.



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Many Moroccan recipes use ingredients found in most store-cupboards, but we have pulled together a selection of the more exotic Moroccan spices, blends and other traditional ingredients.


blue plate


Why not serve these recipes on traditional Moroccan tableware?

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