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Authentic Moroccan Tables and Cabinets+

Authentic Moroccan Tables and Cabinets

Create an unforgettable dining atmosphere, whether you're serving up a feast of mezze for friends and family, or just settling down for a nice pot of tea. The Maroque collection of tray tables and carved pieces is full of furniture perfect for entertaining guests and accessorising your home. Our carefully curated range has been hand-picked and direct from Morocco featuring elaborate wood carving and engraved brass created by master craftsmen in Marrakesh and beyond.

Tray tables offer a beautiful and functional surface for dining and entertaining. With their own cleverly designed bases, you can easily carry a stunning platter of food to your guests, setting the tray down to create a gorgeous, stable Moroccan table. If you're looking for something more solid, explore our stunning wood carved Moroccan dining tables and cabinets, covered in exquisite carving – many featuring traditional inlay. Many of our items are created by hand in their country of origin, by true local artisans. This means that every dining table, tray and cabinet is entirely unique, with finishes that vary subtly from piece to piece. We're very proud of the standard of workmanship on show in the Maroque collection, which is one reason we're dedicated to fair trade, paying our craftspeople a fair rate for the incredible work you'll find below.