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We are the leading UK shopping site for Moroccan lanterns, lamps, furniture and gifts. We also feature an extensive collection of home decorating ideas, travel and cookery information, together with tips and advice, from wiring a Moroccan lantern to painting your living room.

Shopping on this site

We have a very large Moroccan collection to browse and buy on line, visit our catalogue to find something different and unique for your home.  Maroque is a safe shopping site - you can find out more about this in our frequently asked questions.

The range draws on classic and contemporary themes from Morocco and across the world.

Fair trade

We work with a Moroccan family, who have been exporting for three generations, have built up an extensive network of craftsmen with unparalleled skills, and don't use middle men.  The craftsmen are paid a fair price for their work, they receive half of the money in advance, and the balance when they bring the completed items to the container.  This enables the artisans to stay independent, support their families, and produce beautiful items!

Looking for inspiration

Our Inspire Me section covers the key Moroccan design influences of colour, patterns and texture.  Here we explain how these play a significant role in defining Moroccan interiors.

With Create The Look we aim to show how design, furniture and accessories are used to different affect in various living spaces, including the lounge, bedroom, bathroom and patios.  This section also links into to our catalogue, where we have chosen specific items to help achieve the look you want.

Useful resources

Our How To... section offers advice on wiring a lantern, fixing a wall light and using effective paint techniques.

Or, if you just want to put your feet up and pretend you are already in Morocco, have a look through our books or try out some of the mouth-watering recipes on our food page.

A bit about us

Established in 2001 we have been working hard to build a business that takes the best parts of online shopping and combines them with the human aspect of face to face shopping.  We have a 2,500 sqft warehouse in beautiful Suffolk where you are most welcome to come and browse, and have a glass of mint tea.  Alternatively please give us a ring, as we are more than happy to take an order over the phone or discuss your choices.  Please see the visit us page for more details.

Visiting Morocco

There are many Moroccos, from the white-painted villages of the Mediterranean coast to the earth constructions on the fringes of the Sahara desert.  Everyone is captivated by the mystery that is Morocco, it is the exoticism and timeless luxury that we try to create in our homes with an item of Moroccan furniture or beautiful Moroccan lanterns.

We have included a links page with the best restaurants and hotels we have visited in Marrakech - please let us know if we have missed anything special.

A little help

If you know what you are looking for but cannot find it, check the site map.  Alternatively, our help page is a good starting place.

Tea Glasses

We deliver worldwide, and will happily quote for international sales. Please email us for details.

A love of Morocco

Nothing quite conjures up an image of the Arabian Nights like a Moroccan theme. Whether it is the intricate pattern of soft shadows cast from a traditional Moroccan lantern, or the exquisite detail on a beautifully inlaid piece of Moroccan furniture. A single item can transform a room.

Why not create an evocative Moroccan setting on your patio?  Courtyard gardens, or riyads, are central to the Moroccan way of life.  These courtyards are often planted with orange and lemon trees, figs and scented plants such as mint, basil and jasmine.  You can create your own riyad with some wrought iron lanterns, illuminated with a candle, or carry the theme to your patio table with some iron or brass table lanterns, tea glasses and some traditional crockery.